Prof. Dr. RajivDutta


Professor of Bio-Engineering


Coordinator, International Institute of BioPhysics, BioNanotechnology & BioEngineering (I2B3) (Under process of Inter Governmental Agreement with various countries)

Coordinator, Center for Educational Planning & Development in India.

Convenor, Alliance for Progessive Organization, Governance toward Educational Excellence (APOGEE).

Editor of Book:

Editing a book on '3D Printing Technology in Nanomedicine'  for Elsevier Inc., Philadelphia, USA. Co-editors are Dr. P. Gopinath of IIT-Roorkee and Dr. Nabeel Ahmad of IFTM University, Moradabad.

Honorary Positions:

  • Honorary Professor, Biosensor Academy, Moscow
  • Scientific Advisor, Sierra BioLife Pyt. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
  • Quantum NanoScientific Honrary Chair Professor at Indo-Asian Academy
  • Chairman, Bioelectronics Research & Information Network (BRAIN)
  • Chairman, Rapid Adaptation of Biotechnology Based Industrial Technologies (RABBIT)
    (A Mission bsaed program of Knowledge Foundation)to


  • M.Tech. from the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT-Kharagpur, India
  • Ph.D. in BioEngineering from Center for Biotechnology, BITS-Pilani, India
  • D.Sc. (h.c.) from Faculty of Medicine, IUCM, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Area of Research Interest:

  • Biophysics, BioEngineering, Bioprocess Technology and Biochemical Engineering
  • Bioelectronic Sensors
  • Patch Clamp Technology
  • Nano-Biotechnology: Special Interest Mechano Active Membrane Channels
  • Silver-HG-L-asperginase nano-conjugates and their Bio-medical applications
  • Nanomaterial production kinetics.


Curriculum Vitae



  • Discovered Machano -sensitive Ion Channels in growing pollen tube  (Research Highlights in NATURE, 430, 416).
  • Research Highlights in Plant Physiology, 135.
  • Discovered the ion channels in plant cell which resembles the ion channels found in heart muscle cells. 
  • Published Patent # 31481 (The Patent Office Journal October 2010 page # 126) “Electrical Biosensor for Early Detection of Graft Compatibility in Plants” with International Classification G01N27/00. 

Ion Channel Research Inc.

Sierra BioLife Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia 


Mobile: 91-9839236821
New Delhi/NCR Contact: 91-7011215405; 9873368868

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